Control Room

Studio One

With its four isolation booths, Studio 1 is one of the most versatile recording spaces in London, ideal for orchestral, choral or big band recordings. The original Victorian choir stalls, and the restored Speechley pipe organ dating from 1888, have been incorporated in the studio design. The live area can comfortably accommodate 45 musicians, with space for up to 15 more in the isolation booths. A Steinweg model D concert grand is available.

Control Room

Studio Two

Studio 2 is the smallest of the three rooms, making it perfect for a rhythm section, solo recordings, vocal overdubs, or to house a music editor. It contains a model B Kawai baby grand piano.

Since the installation of the Euphonix System 5 digital console, studio 2 has become the ideal mixing room for both albums and film soundtracks. It has a dedicated Pro Tools HDX1 system with 64 MADI i/o, M&K 5.1 monitoring, and the ability to mix 8 simultaneous 5.1 stems.

Main Area

Studio Three

At 154 square meters, Studio 3 is the largest of the rooms and can comfortably fit 65 musicians. The open wood floor and adjustable wall of mirrors give a natural, pleasant acoustic. There are two isolation booths, one suitable for a drum kit, and the other for soloists. Available with the studio is a Steinweg model D concert grand.