John Lunn

Angel recorded two new TV dramas with music by composer John Lunn recently:

Harley Street
Produced by Carnival Film and Television, Harley Street is a glossy, post-watershed 6-part drama series starring Suranne Jones, Paul Nicholls and Shaun Parkes set in London’s famous medical district, in a new ultramodern, ultra-chic Harley Street practice.

Criminal Justice
The highly acclaimed drama serial stars Ben Whishaw as a young man imprisoned for murder despite protesting his innocence. Both John Lunn-composed scores were engineered by Paul Golding in Studio 1 with Angel assistants operating Pro Tools.

Paul said: “The contemporary style of John Lunn’s scores for these 2 dramas was a mixture of modern sampled sounds with straight orchestral composition. The perceived quality of the music was greatly enhanced by the string orchestra recordings done at Angel Studios. When working with samples it is often easy to forget how fantastic the real thing can be. The whole of the production team from both projects were bowled over by the quality that we delivered after having been satisfied with the original demos. Both productions even found more money for more or bigger recordings towards the ends of the series.
From my perspective the relatively recent acquisition of the Neuman M150 microphones has improved the quality of the recordings and the efficiency of the system we set up alongside that of the assistants meant for a very painless experience. i.e. no musician overtime required!! Many thanks to Mat and Jez."