The production team, which includes executive producer Alastair Fothergill and series producer Vanessa Berlowitz, responsible for the award-winning "The Blue Planet (2001)" and "Planet Earth (2006)," return with "Frozen Planet." David Attenborough, once again, narrates the series which is entirely shot in HD.

As with Blue Planet and Planet Earth, the score was composed by George Fenton, played by the BBC Concert Orchestra and recorded and mixed by Steve Price. George utilised the large recording space in Angel Studio 3, and the extensive mixing capabilities of the Euphonix System-5 in studio 2.

The seven-part series focuses on life and the environment in both the Arctic and Antarctic. As climate change affects landforms such as glaciers, ice shelves and the extent of sea ice, the production team were keen to film a comprehensive record of the natural history of the polar regions.